Our Services


 Meet & Greet

An initial consultation is offered free of charge and addresses questions, concerns, and details needed in order to provide the best possible service for you and your pets. Please fill out the contact form and we will work together to schedule an appointment!

*There is a $15 charge for any additional Meet & Greet

Pet Sitting

Do you have pet that needs attention, love and care for when you aren't there? Our pet sitting service is customized to suit both your pet's and personal needs. Visits are 30-35 minutes long and can include services for your pets such as:

Changing cat litter, fresh food and water, TLC, playtime, daily journals, administering medications, text message updates, etc.

You also can choose from additional services that we offer for your home at no extra cost:

Trash take out, water plants, rotate lighting, mail pickup, etc.

Webcams are also available for rent so that you can watch your pets from wherever you are! Service based on availability.

Overnight House Sitting

Are you leaving town and would like a peace of mind knowing that your house is being looked after by a professional? Overnight house sitting is customized to fit your needs and includes all standard services listed under the "House Sitting" heading.


Dog Walks

Have a busy work day or are out traveling and can't make it home to take your dog out for a walk? We offer dog walks for a very affordable price!

Pet Food and Supplies Delivery

Do you have a busy schedule and need assistance with pet food and supplies delivery?  No problem! Our delivery service can save you time so that you can focus on other priorities.

House Sitting

Are you traveling and would like the peace of mind knowing that your house is being taken care of? You can rest assured knowing that you have a qualified and trusted sitter looking after your property. Standard services include:

Home security checks, mail pick-up, rotate lights/blinds, watering plants, peace of mind, etc.

Pet Taxi

Do you need assistance transporting your pet to the vet, airport, groomer, or any other destination? The pet taxi service allows you flexibility in making appointments and aims to make your life easier.

Overnight Pet Sitting

Are you going out of town and would like that warm fuzzy knowing that your pet is being cared for by a professional? Our overnight pet sitting service will offer you just that! Overnight pet sitting includes any of the standard services listed under the 'Pet Sitting' heading.

Overnight stays will take place between 7/8pm - 7/8am and are customized to suit you and your pet's needs.