Dog Parks and Off-Leash Areas in Denver


Anyone who lives in Denver, Colorado knows it is home to many dog owners. With many dog parks and off leash areas, there is no shortage of adventures that you can bring your furry friends along for. Dogs absolutely love to run free and indulge in the fresh outdoor weather.  Denver Pro Pet Sitting has compiled a list of some of the top dog parks in the area so you and your pup can take advantage of your surroundings!

Cherry Creek Dog Off-Leash Area

This is a huge area (107 acres!) where you can let your dog run freely. There are multiple trails, bodies of water where your pup can safely take a dip, as well as dedicated fenced in portions where you can let your dog wander about. Your loved ones will absolutely love it! The cost to park is $9 plus there is an additional $2 entrance fee to enter the off-leash area. Alternatively, you can pay $20 for an annual pass. This place is popular among the dog lovers of Denver and can be crowded during peak hours. The best times to visit are early weekday mornings.

Chatfield State Park Off-Leash Dog Area

With various ponds and ample open space, your dog will surely fall in love with this park! Not only are there 69 acres of various walking trails with beautiful surrounding views, but there are also two training areas for sport dogs. This place is very well maintained and offers a variety of different types of terrain for your loved one to explore. There is an $8 park entry fee plus a $2 fee to access to the off-leash area. Alternatively, you can pay $20 for an annual off-leash pass.

Westminster Hills Off-Leash Dog Park

This is an enormous 420-acre park that offers plenty of play room for your dog. You can let your pooch run, sprint, roam and meander through its vastness. Be ready for the breathtaking mountain views, various flowers and peaceful surroundings. It's the perfect place for a hike or playtime sessions. One of the best aspects of this park is that it's completely free! Do note that this park only has partial fencing so you will want to be aware of your dog's location at all times!

Glendale Farms Dog Park

This is one of the smaller dog parks of Denver with 17 acres of off-leash play area. Additionally, it includes a 1.6 mile loop where dogs are required to walk on a leash. One of its best features is an obstacle course that includes a staircase ramp and barrel where pooches can play and meet other friends. This park in comparison to others around Denver is made up of mostly dirt, so be aware of this when heading out after a rainy day. You may need to bring some cleaning tools and material!

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