Tips For Keeping Your Cat Happy

Cat Play

If you're anything like us, we're always spoiling our kitties to keep them happy. Their happiness is just as important as ours is to us. It can be difficult to leave them at home by themselves as you venture off into the world for work, errands, and the like. Denver Pro Pet Sitting offers you some tips to keep your cat happy during these periods: 

1) Get your cat a feline friend!
It's never too late to invest in a feline friend for your cat. Even older cats tend to adjust with ease most of the time. Once familiar with the migrant kitty, they often become best buds. Cats can entertain each other for hours with play, cuddle time, cleaning sessions, and more!

2) Create a dedicated fun space.

A cat tower, toys to play with, and a scratch pad are a good start to building a fun space for your kitty. Having this dedicated space can entertain your cat for hours and can be key to maintaining their happiness level.

3) Make a cozy bedding they can nap on.

If there is one thing that cats appreciate, that's nap time! They appreciate it even more when they have a comfortable place to lay. Using cat beds, comforters, blankets and other soft materials, you can deck out your cat's sleeping space. Some cats prefer dark environments and others prefer to be by a window, so you may have to experiment with location. They will love you forever for it!

4) Hire a pet sitter.

Nothing takes the place of human interaction. A pet sitter can help maintain your cat's happiness through a multitude of activities including brushing, cuddle sessions, playtime, and surprising them with treats. Cats absolutely love the attention and being cared for!

At Denver Pro Pet Sitting, it is our business and passion to keep your cats happy for when you're not there. We are glad to customize your cat's favorite activities within our pet sitting visits to maximize both their happiness and yours! Contact us today to set up your free Meet & Greet!