Pet Sitting vs. Boarding


As professional pet sitters, we often get asked questions about why a customer should choose a pet sitting company to watch over their pets as opposed to a boarding facility. There are many things to consider before choosing one over the other.

How important is your pet’s environment to their comfort level?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years with our own pets, it’s that they absolutely do not like going outside of their comfort zone / home for an extended period. This is true across the board with many animals. Dogs and cats are very particular when it comes to their environment. Unfamiliar smells, having to be around other unknown pets, and potential exposure of contagious diseases are just a few reasons to take precautions when boarding. When you hire a professional pet sitter you’ll avoid these unnecessary stressors and your pet will be safer, more comfortable, and happier.

How will your pet’s diet and routine be affected?

Your pet’s routine and diet are paramount to their overall well-being. Boarding your pet will effectively take them out of their normal day-to-day activities and routine, which could very possibly have an affect on their diet. When animals are in unfamiliar territory, they can tend to be more on guard and less worried about eating and drinking.  Hiring a pet sitter assures that your pet can continue the same routine that they are used to, making them more comfortable and easing any concerns with their diet.

Will your pet be looked after by professionals?

When boarding, it’s very important to consider who will be looking after your beloved pet. Many pet owners don’t think to question the qualifications of the boarding facility employees. Much of the time, no experience is required at all. This is very concerning especially when considering the safety of your pet if an emergency situation were to occur. You can rest assured of your pet’s safety when hiring a professional pet sitter. Pet first aid and CPR certifications make a pet sitter extremely valuable in the case that any emergency. Beyond safety, a consistent familiar face and personal touch is also provided when choosing an experienced pet sitter over a boarding facility.